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Does your Social Media Manager even know....

Many business owners hire out social media, many keep it in house... so what can you expect when you outsource it? And what SHOULD you expect?

If you are like many business owners, you likely think all SMM (social media managers) are the same right?


Some go to school, some use the school of life, some both. So what makes a social media manager stand out - not standing out. If you have a great social media manager the truth is, your clients should never know you have one. Aside from professional designed images (no Im not talking about those Canva images).

But how well do you really need to get to know your SMM?

  • Well enough that you can trust them and know that they have the best interest of your company and brand in mind.

  • Find out if they know how to handle situations, how they plan on dealing with reviews (good and bad)

  • Ask if they have gone to school, yes this does make a difference, there are LOTS of things you learn in school about best practices that the 'at home learners' do not know.

  • What is their design background? This is your brand they are designing for, it should be half decent, you are paying for it

  • Do they know marketing and how to put all of the elements of your communication together.

Then let them know you and your business, the better they know you and your business the better they can design a strategy for you.

  • What are your customers pain points?

  • What is the tone and personality of your brand (so it looks authentic, and not like all of the others)

  • What are your goals

  • Regulatory and/or compliance guidelines.

  • The base of your business, sales peeks, slow seasons and sales. We can try to help level it all out.

I have seen my fair share of 'fly by night SMMs, its like photography, for a while, everyone is a photographer, but once they get squeezed out by the professionals they leave their clients sitting... waiting and disappointed, making it harder to trust the next person.

Truth is the more you build a relationship with your SMM, the better your SMM will be.

Julie Boake

Awedity Creative

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