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bringing social back to social media

online advertising

Digital advertising allows you to precisely target your audience:  Google, Facebook, Instagram

social media

Afraid to post? Don't know what to post? How often? Video?

I can help provide guidance on what to do when you get online.

online management

Whether you need help managing your google business account, reading your analytics, or responding to and taking care of reviews, all can be managed. 

let's get

social media

If you're not on social media... well then you won't understand the power and influence many social media platforms have.


I am certified in social media, and I believe in being SOCIAL on social media, building strategies to help you gain visibility... and truly use social media as it was intended - to connect.


Whether you don't have the time, or don't feel confident, I can help you with your social media or manage it on your behalf, including designing and placing a social media advertising strategy.

Interested in learning how to do your own social media and build your strategy online, book a session and I would be happy to help you with your own strategy, content, and tools.


>> and I keep my social media management accounts confidential so your customers believe it is YOU managing the account.

online advertising

As the growth and shift of marketing and advertising budgets have transitioned from print to online, companies realize it's important to include online marketing in their overall marketing and communication strategy.


Keep in mind, nothing is effective alone, let's talk about how you can include digital advertising into your overall marketing strategy.


Whether Google, online ads, social media, or social advertising,  let's cover off on all of the opportunities to create a consistent message and clear visual branding online. 

>> Book a session and I can also help you place your own social media ads.


Get noticed!

Not only do more people call, text and email to engage from their smartphones but they are using social media to further communication and find things easily.

Using hashtags and location markers help locals find your business and help tourists know where to check out. 

stalk me online

I practice what I preach, I am actively participating on social media so all of my client's accounts are as well. I believe scripted designs are going away in favor of a branded and a more authentic feeling account. 

let's connect:


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