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Ginger & Spice
Ginger & Spice

Ginger & Spice Logo Redesign Logo Design Okotoks

Okotoks Public Library
Okotoks Public Library

Okotoks Public Library Logo Design Okotoks

William Kitchen
William Kitchen

Ginger & Spice
Ginger & Spice

Ginger & Spice Logo Redesign Logo Design Okotoks


First of all I want to say thank you to you and Mike. You were such a important pivotal part of this campaign. You brought me from a social media unknown to a brand seen across this entire area. Your are exceptionally talented and I cannot Express how grateful I am to have had your help. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.😁

RJ Sigurdson, MLA

Julie has exceeded expectations with the marketing and website design for Sector 6 Supplements. The last 4 year we have tried to run the website ourself which ended up costing us not only time but sales due to inefficiencies and lack of consistency in the site. Julie came on board and has completely set us up with a fresh new look and a site we are confident to send customers and clients to! I would highly recommend chatting with Julie first if you are looking for any marketing or website needs !

Andrew K
Sector 6 Supplements

I'm so impressed with the ideas, graphic design, and customer service at Awedity Creative!


The turnaround on my advertising requests is unbelievably fast and the branding is totally on par with what I am going for. Super impressed and would highly recommend for any small business wanting marketing help!


Jessica Maurice,

Gus's Day Diggs

Julie is brilliant at what she does. She's creative and clever and she will help you make your business work for you.

Nicole Hemming

A friend recommended Julie when I needed help designing my logo for my small business. She was fantastic to work with. Julie is smart, authentic and talented! She went above and beyond just helping me build my brand.


Julie was also very supportive and encouraging!

A very cool lady who is a pleasure to work with.


Cheryl Crealock

RAVE - To Julie N Boake of Awedity.


She is a world class graphic artist located right here in Okotoks. Her clients hail from all over Western Canada and I had the good fortune of hiring her to help with my campaign material. She's brilliant, fast, was especially patient with my endless fussing. If you are looking to take your biz to the next level online, she's your woman! (via Facebook)

Florence Christophers

Julie is enthusiastic and so knowledgable about websites and all of the intracasies of social media. She can speak a language you understand and make you aware of options available to you in a comprehensible fashion. I love our new website for Ginger Laurier! She is local and here to help...makes sense to me. Thank you Awedity Creative Inc.



Ginger Laurier

My enormous Thanks to Julie for all her help in re-inspiring me to play with design again and for all her time and talent in creating my logos and social media posts etc!!!!


 Tracy Barker

Julie has been an integral part of my real estate business...PERIOD!

Since meeting her just over a year and a half ago for my initial consultation, she asked all the right questions to really learn who I was and what I believed in. Since that meeting, she has taken my website from plain and boring to a website with tons of pop, from no social media presence to almost 2000 followers in such a short time. The social media presence she brings is second to none...HANDS DOWN the best at what she does. We have also rebranded the company since working together, I feel she took my "napkin sketch" of a logo into one of the coolest of logos in the business, she took a plain silver jeep and turned it into a travelling billboard that is getting noticed daily. Not only has she made the company better but she has made me better as a human being as well, her "give back attitude" has really allowed me to align my goals & my company goals side by side with many of hers and together we love to help those in our community as well as surrounding communities. Well done Julie! Griffin RE appreciates your efforts...and your opinions(most of the time:0)...Who's Awesome? You are...


Brett Murrell 
Griffin Real Estate


I was asked once why I never wrote a review about doing business with Awedity. Honestly, the reason is I could never put in words to match the quality and service I received from Julie.

I was having difficulty with professionalism and time dealing with social media and marketing materials. She asked me to give her opportunity of a few months. I did, and we immediately began receiving comments on how professional I had gotten on social media and marketing Yes it was all me!

So pleased with her work a short time later Awedity received complete control of all our social media, marketing and on-line customer relations. She over delivered and gained our complete trust and became a vital arm of our business.

It was so easy to work with Julie, to be able to tell her our wants, our needs, and our desires and she then took the time to listen, engage and create. She was so engaged she knew more about our business than most of our staff.

She is not superwoman, but she should wear a cape! If you want success surround yourself with the right people. Julie IS that “people”.

I will forever be grateful having met this young woman and allowing her into my business, you will be too. Again, my words cannot match the level of what we received as a business from Julie.

Mark Frank

Simply outstandingly work. Awedity Creative goes above and beyond to get the job done right.

Marty Warnke

Julie from AWEdity Creative worked on two projects for me. One was a full branding of my pet care business and the other was a logo for my photography.

Julie was wonderful to work with, full of creative ideas and very professional. She has great intuition about what a company wants and needs. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Julie for any marketing and creative projects.                                


Sheila Hughes

There isn’t any better out there. Julie is the real deal inside and out. Her talent is equally matched by her drive to bring your vision to fruition. Couldn’t have chosen a better person to create my brand and build my website


Melanie Dawn

Melanie Dawn Yoga

Julie, Julie, Julie...

You are simply the best! We could not have succeeded without your amazing talents...



Bowra Debt Help

I would highly recommend Julie Boake for marketing, graphic design, and branding for your company’s needs.




Julie is one in a million.


She has hit that sweet spot in her career where she has an extensive amount of experience but continues to stay 100% up to date with the latest trends and technology. She is hilarious and extremely personable. She listens intently and has an incredible way of "figuring out" her clients very quickly and does an amazing job and bringing everything she touches to life. I can't say enough wonderful things about Julie and my experience working with her has been second to none!

Medorann Boucher-Plante

Great service and incredible knowledge of social media, etc. Always pleasant, listens to the client, and guides really well.
Five star service for sure!

Wendy Langton

Julie was great and gave me what I asked for. As soon as she sent me her ideas, I knew what I asked for wasn’t what I wanted. So I let her know that and gave her the green light to go with her expertise!

First round back - she nailed it! Easy and very satisfied- thanks Julie 💋


Fischer Crescent Retail

Julie is crazy talented & fun to work with.


Thank you for your time & creative design for my yoga studio! You really care about small businesses & working with someone who not only sees your vision but betters it - is a beautiful collaboration! Seriously excellent customer service & work skills. I highly recommend working with Julie for your business website, social media pages, graphic designs, posters, logos & more.



Get Bent Yoga

Julie has done various projects for me, including assisting me with social media marketing ideas, blogging and designing brochures and feature sheets for my real estate business.

Julie is very professional, extremely talented, reliable and always quick to respond. I highly recommend Julie for anyone wishing to expand their business with marketing or graphic design. You won’t be disappointed.


M Mackenzie

Your enthusiasm and dedication to our project is most extraordinary and so much appreciated.


Noble Bully II 

I have watched Awedity Creative help sculpt and develop the face and personality of quite a few different large to small businesses. As well as several other projects she has undertaken. It's amazing to see the talent and experience that is applied to her clients. The product speaks for itself and the way she has grown her own business is simply remarkable.


 Michael B
Trident Auto Wash

WOW thats amazing Jules I am so impressed. You did an amazing job and took my thoughts and put them on the website. Incredible job!  


M Stevens

Julie is an incredible human being and has created an incredible business. Not only is she recognized for being the best in what she does, but she also manages to bring people and communities together and make them stronger. Not only are people's businesses in the best of hands when they work with Julie but she truly cares and is 100% authentic.


Julie Hodge

Julie Hodge Fitness

We are really impressed by the improvements and add design Julie made in our website. Highly recommend! Very professional.
Thanks a lot!
(Rustic Planet Handmade Furniture )

Fajes Alejandro

Julie is so fantastic. Her knowledge mixed with a great personality will help you with your business!!

I have a small business that is now getting a LOT more attention due to her marketing and computer skills.

She’s a 10/10 every time!


Kendall Kuntz

Heartwood Tree Care

When I sat down with Julie to discuss branding for my company she really listened to what I was looking for. She gave me something I would have never been able to come up with on my own. I am so happy that I was able to work with her and even more proud to say she helped launch my company. Thank you Julie!!

Carah Barth

I have worked with Julie on two projects (so far!); my logo and business card design. She asked me important questions and made sure to discuss details of my business in depth, and was therefore able to fully understand what direction I wanted to go in. She responded to modification requests quickly and worked with me until we had the perfect final product. Amazing attention to detail, quick to respond to emails and requests, and great to work with overall. I would absolutely recommend Julie to others, and will definitely be working with her on projects to come!


Jen Ruel, Sonder Nutrition

Julie is so wonderful to work with.


She designed and built my website. She was a pleasure to work with and has a creative eye in design and marketing. She comes highly recommended by me:)  


Ashleigh Moore 

Ashleigh Amber Moore Jewellery

Julie Boake built my most recent web site and I know I can call on her with any questions for upkeep. I was very impressed with her ability to 'see' how to keep it stream-lined and uncluttered. Awedity Creations gets a 5* rating in all aspects of business from Rhythmic Waves Healing.


Bev Johnson-Bender

Julie is absolutely amazing! Not only has she supported and helped me as a local business owner, she designed a fantastic logo for a new business venture and I couldn't have gotten a better product anywhere. She's an amazing community member that will help you in any way she can. I've built a great relationship with her and her company and look forward to continuing with her services. She's incredibly talented in what she does on top of being a wonderful person! Highly recommend her!


April Bouchard

This company delivers what it promises.


This is my first year in business and I have been through one disaster after another. Julie's focus is on creating the best possible scenario for your business needs. She is extremely creative, punctual, a great teacher and visionary. I appreciate all of her business insights that she has shared with me but most of all how she puts them in action. Cherene Barker, WizeDogs

Cherene Barker

Julie is a master of messaging and design. She was able to help me quickly figure out my hook or my “why” for my new freelance business. I’d been struggling for some time deciding on a business name. Julie gave me some really solid advice on how to come up with something meaningful. She then designed the perfect logo for me, nailing it on her first try! She provides extremely good customer service and excellent communication. Thanks, Julie. (And no, we are not related. We just happen to share the same last name. 😃)


Marilyn Boake

Julie has very high standards for her work but it's her quirkiness that will keep me coming back. She's easy to get along with which is very important to me when having something as personal as a company brand/website built. She listened to my ideas and transformed them into something I could never do. She also gave me a couple of tips and tricks to help my business and is always willing to help without sending me a bill at the end of our conversation. (Within reason of course.☺️) I appreciate the time, care, and value she puts into her work and the customer service received will keep me coming back. Thanks, Julie!

Ly Tran Pho Haoi