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fractional marketing + consulting 

"Good marketing makes the company look smart.
Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.”

- Joe Chernov.


I thrive on solving complex challenges with strategy and a touch of creativity.

Whether a start-up, C-Suite professional, small business or established business, out-sourcing your marketing allows you to be even more expansive, diverse, and creative without the costs.

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“It is better to have the philosophy of thinking more than your competitors than spending more than them”.
- David Ogilvy
- fractional and consulting services and outsourcing reduced overall costs while adding valuable expertise to your business -

fractional marketing + consulting services:

As a fractional marketing consultant, I work independently with you or enhance your team providing a diverse and well-rounded expertise, a refreshing new perspective and ideas.


My role is to offer insight and expertise to help your company reach goals, and new markets, and generate a stronger brand and recognition. 


Together we can build a strong overall marketing strategy that sets up your business for growth, communication and connection and creating a stronger online presence.


I can also help you build your brand, enhance your SEO, and explore new growth opportunities.


As an award-winning designer, with 20 years of experience designing everything from full brands to corporate materials, from social media templates to business cards, bus benches and custom websites. I can help you design new materials or enhance what you currently have.


Small changes in execution and user experience can greatly impact consumer behaviour. We incorporate subtle yet effective behavioural insights to create more effective campaigns, guide your customers toward the desired actions and create real design solutions.

expertise + education: 

marketing before cookies

I have been in marketing since 2003, aka pre-cookies. My industry experience has spanned corporate leadership roles with large budgets to working one on one with small businesses and being strategic about every dollar. I am passionate about both challenges. 

learning is never done

Education is never wasted and the more I learn the more I want to learn.

I attend industry conferences and stay at the forefront of industry changes and challenges,  I am continually adding to my education and experimenting in new technology. 

content marketing

More than 80% of companies are using some form of content marketing.  I can help you write and execute your communications strategy including blogs, social media posts,  communications, and newsletters. 


For every $1 spent on email marketing, $44 is made in return. ​

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people being people

What do I really love doing? I balance the artistic side with brains. I am always excited to get into the meat of problems and understanding of how and why people choose and make the decisions they do. That lead my love for behavioural economics.

it's a school thing: 

Since 2013, I have expanded my expertise by studying and specializing in: 

  • Behavioural Sciences, Certificate, University of British Columbia 2023

  • Behavioural Economics, Certificate, Harvard Business School 2023

  • Behavioural Economics, Certificate, Wharton Executive Education 2023

  • User Experience and User Design, Coursera, 2024 

  • ​Online Communications, SAIT 2013

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