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beauty + brains

marketing + design with intention

In a world of noise, people will pay more attention to a whisper.

My goal is to help inspire you, to help you share what makes your business so exceptional, and to find ways to connect with your audience using creative design, a smart website and consumer insights. 

marketing strategy

Your marketing strategy sets up your business's overall plan for reaching prospective customers and connecting with all of your consumers. 


Let's explore different ways your business can get noticed in a crowded world.

content marketing

More than 80% of companies are using some form of content marketing. 

Content marketing includes all content, social media, videos, blogs etc as a tool for generating interest in your business. I'll help you coordinate it all.

vhs tapes content marketing
email marketing

90% of consumers check their emails daily. While we can be connected on social media, email marketing offers added benefits, and your contact list is valuable.

For every $1 spent on email marketing, $44 is made in return. That’s an ROI of 4400%

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“It is better to have the philosophy of thinking more than your competitors than spending more than them”.
- David Ogilvy
- this is why we have added knowledge of behavioral science to all of our marketing -

there's more to   

the honest review: 

The review is an opportunity to see your business through your consumer's eyes and to understand where opportunities are from a marketing perspective and what challenges may be holding you back. 

This review covers your website, communications, SEO, social media and any third-party apps. I can also conduct a site visit to give you impressions or suggestions for on-location.


This is provided to you as a working document to review with your team and execute for better results.  > Request a review

 marketing +
behavioural economics?

Small changes in design and user experience can have a big impact on consumer behaviour. We incorporate subtle yet effective behavioural nudges, such as clear call-to-action buttons, simplified decision-making processes, and personalized recommendations, to guide your customers toward the desired actions.

  • Start evaluating where your business is and identify your future goal.

    180 Canadian dollars
  • 1 hour meeting

    95 Canadian dollars
  • Full review - website, marketing, comms & social (document)

    500 Canadian dollars
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