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consumer insights


to communicate more effectively

apply consumer insights into marketing and design for more effective results.


the art of possibility

Some of the most effective consumer insights are ones we don't see at all.


Small changes in design and user experience can greatly impact consumer behaviour.


We incorporate subtle yet effective behavioural nudges, such as clear call-to-action buttons, simplified decision-making processes, and personalized recommendations, to guide your customers toward the desired actions.


All humans think with our own biases and can be limited by our subconscious (which makes more than 90% of our decisions). In addition, we also use heuristics to help us make decisions.


Once we understand this about people, we can strategize beyond these defaults to help change our customers' behaviour. 

decision making

We all think we make decisions that are logical and well thought out, but what if that's not true?


Hint, it's not always true.


Understanding how we make decisions helps marketers craft better messages and guide the decisions of our customers through thoughtful design.

One of the big lessons from behavioral economics is that we make decisions as a function of the environment that we're in.

— Dan Ariely

what makes 
people tick?

Behavioural economics helps us better understand what makes your audience tick. Our strategies are designed to influence behaviour and drive meaningful engagement.

Harness theories of behavioural economics in strategy, marketing and design to design solutions, solve challenges or enhance consumers' behaviour. 

changing habits

James Clear calls it 'habit stacking' and if we want consumers to change their behaviour sometimes it can be suggesting a new habit. 

I used this insight with an automotive shop to stack tire changes with oil changes. This increased sales/transactions during tire rotation season, created a new habit for customers that was easy to adopt.  This also created a stronger relationship to their clients.

changing perception

Removing the $ symbol removes the connection to money from our mind. 

While upgrading a restaurant's positioning, we removed the $ from the menu, which encouraged more sales overall and helped ease the pain of cost as the restaurant elevated their image. 

encourage behaviour

By understanding the hierarchy of information, the colour choice, contrast and language we can encourage specific behaviours. Our tendencies, the Goldilocks effect and social influence can direct behaviour. 

This is used in website design, communications, social media and print materials to encourage customer behaviour.    

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