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Google ads... are they right for you?

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What are Google Ads anyway?

If you have ever performed a Google search you have likely seen something like this:

google ads okotoks
google ad

Generally this icon sits beside the website title and domain name. (as seen in the ones directly above.

I get asked overtime a client gets a google promo email for google ads. 'Get $100 in free Google Ads' ... it can be tempting, but before you accept the terms here are some things to consider:

1. Generally you have to pay $100 to get the $100 free.

Still not too bad of a deal, right? If you have that money allocated in your budget then you may be thinking 'sign me up' right?

Before you do:

Consider how far your spend will go. If you have a popular or in-demand keyword, that alone could cost you a lot. i.e.: Legal or Employment are popular, and therefore, expensive terms. The price is based on the

a) number of people vying for that keyword

b) the popularity of the keyword in the overall google search

cost per click

2. Are you aiming for brand awareness or clicks?

Why do I even ask this? Of course you want clicks and calls, that's what everyone wants right?

According to a recent report:

"there is an average click through rate of 1.9% on ads. (So only 2 in 100 who see it will click)"

and that's only if your ad stays in prime position. If it does not garner clicks, Google will move it down the list and ... this is what happens.

Is it worth the spend? There are many factors that go into the ads, time and money spent, is it really going to achieve your goals?

3. Know your goals:

If your objective is to be seen, Google Ads may be right for you. If your goal is clicks to your link, Google Ads may turn out to be slightly disappointing for you.

Google ads can provide a great tool for bringing awareness to your business, which can be incredibly helpful for new businesses starting out. People will see your name (impressions according to Google) so it may resonate for them longer term.

If your goal is clicks to your link (website, promotional page etc), you may want to incorporate tools into your website that help you rank higher in organic search (the genuine listings based on quality of page/website).

The decision is yours, and it can be a good tool, but before you embark, ensure that it is the tool to meet your goals and not just a spend to 'try out'.

Julie Boake

Awedity Creative

marketing. graphic design. websites. social media.

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