Things your social media manager wish you knew...

Many businesses now have a social media manager, a digital manager or an online brand manager... there are a few difference between each of the roles, but for now lets just highlight the social media manager - ie: the person that manages your social media accounts.

We are the people that the millennials think must have the coolest job, while others think we spend the day 'playing on facebook all day' . Both are right and both are wrong.

It's not the coolest job, while it is pretty nice, there are things that grind us as well, like any job, but when you have a passion for it, the negative seems pretty small. Finally, No, we don't 'play' on facebook all day, theres generally a strategy or thought behind a lot of what we do. We juggle branding for multiple people, content calendars and those pesky unique national holidays.

So what would many of us like you to know...

1. It doesn't happen over night.

Even though you are paying someone to manage your accounts, growth does not happen overnight.

With the rules and changes that many of the different platforms have now, no longer can you expect and immediate overnight success. You don't want to participate in the old 'hacks' to grow your accounts anyway

1. they no longer work

2. your accounts will get punished

3. You will not have authentic followers (meaning they will never translate into sales)

Generally speaking, for the first few months we are testing the audience to see