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How much does a logo cost?

You want a logo that perfectly reflects your business but at what cost? How much are you willing to spend on a logo? This is the symbolic face of your business, is this where you want, or can, cut corners?

Average Logo Design Cost by Graphic Designers (note in USD $$)

Graphic designers usually have a specific rate card that they follow for designing logos. However, you must know that these will vary from company to company. On average, the cost of designing the logos is as follows

  • Basic Logo Design: $80-$300 USD

  • Mid-Range Logo Design: $500-$2000 USD

  • Premium Logo Design: $2500+ USD

Why do prices vary so much? We will get into that!

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Logo design

Why do the prices vary so much?


The designer’s experience is one of the most prominent factors to consider. You must note that the more experienced the designer is, the higher their logo design charges. You are paying for their time, effort and creativity.

You can get an idea of their style from their portfolio, they will also bring additional insight and knowledge to the project.

More experienced designers will also have a better idea of the research that is needed and how to make your logo effective in your industry while still maintaining differentiation.

Complexity of Design

If I had more time I would have written a shorter letter...

Simplicity can be the most complex part of the design, the skill of knowing how to properly edit and know exactly what can be taken away without losing the effect.

However, complex designs can also require more time to design as well, aka a cross is easier to draw than a dinosaur.

The process and portfolio

Whether it comes through meetings, worksheets, research or a long shower - or all, designers have their own unique ways to inspire design and understand your design preferences.

Every designer has a unique style and design 'look' even as different as the designs are, you may find common threads.

TIP: Giving a little creative freedom is where the best work happens

Edits and revisions

If you are not clear on what you want, or don't communicate it well, or if you have chosen the wrong designer (based on portfolio style) you may find yourself in a round or 5 of revisions. Revisions or changes add time to the project which can add additional costs.

What you get

This is where many changes come into play. Not all logo designers offer the same packages, so depending on what you get, it could affect the cost:

  1. Logo files: .ai .png .jpeg .eps

  2. guides - varying levels of informatio

n regarding the logo and use of the logo

Your business size

Pepsi is a fairly large corporation so when the undergoes a logo redesign there is a lot more that goes into the process, the scrutiny and files needed and a comprehensive guide, so your company should not pay the same price as Pepsi.


If you want a logo, the rule of thumb is that you will get what you pay for, often those who have spent less on a logo find themselves getting their logo updated at a later date or find challenges with it, don't receive all of the file types or it just doesn't resonate wit their audience so spend enough and do your research on the company you are working with.

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