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#2 Social Media drives sales, period

But really, is social media marketing important for your business?


Social media helps you understand your customer, it helps create awareness through targeting and driving traffic to your website... boosting your SEO!

What happens when you understand your customers, when you start to rank higher on Google?

BOOM. You more sales. Period.

70% of business-to-consumer marketers have acquired customers through Facebook?

84% of CEOs and VPs say they use social media to help make purchasing decisions?

So unless your customer is not an end user or another business, you don't need to consider social media.

But, if your end user IS a business, or end user consumer, you WILL benefit from a strong social media presence.

Social media helps you remain top of mind with your consumer, so I normally tell people that after 6 months (sometimes much faster, even a month) you can start to see your efforts pay off, within 6 months, if you are effectively targeting, YOUR consumer will need your product/services.


As a bonus, even if you think that your customer may not need you, remember this, we have all grabbed something at the checkout line at the grocery store, we have been tempted and grabbed an air freshener or windshield wiper fluid at the gas station... heck we have even been lured into window shopping.

We are people with ranging will power, we do buy things we don't need for the aspirational benefits, we also buy things we need from businesses we feel like we know from following them online.


I have received referrals from people that have never even met me of used my services because they feel like they already know me from following me online. I have had people from out of town refer me to friends, simply because they feel a sense of trust and remember me when someone at a party asks if they know someone who may ____________

Plus, once you start on social media, friends of friends will ask if anyone knows a ____________ and then other people can tag you online, alerting you to the opportunity or connection and a quick response can build a sense of customer service in the mind of that potential customer. Get the leg up on your competition!

Stay tuned for more reasons why you should consider social media!

Julie Boake

awesome girl at Awedity Creative

Okotoks (google it)

Thank you

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