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Bending Your Brand

Life does not always work out, things change and progress happens.

Once upon a time, you created a singular logo and you pumped it on everything, plastered it everywhere and adhered to it like sleeping in on Sundays.

The idea was, that people needed to see your logo 7x to build a familiarity with it, to recognize it and feel more brand confidence. Yes, it's proven, if you see something often enough, you start to recognize it.

But life changed.

We built logos to stand the test of time, when our only knowledge of their uses was in a singular format. We knew it would be in print, on shirts, our products and verbal over the radio. We had no idea that 1. TV would enter the picture and very little idea of the internet. Now we look forward and VR is on the horizon.

So what's a person to do.

Your brand is the personality and values, the mission and goals of your business translated into a logo+personality+visuals to create that essence for your prospective client base.

With all of this in mind, you don't want to break your brand, but you may need to flex it a little. There are times when the personality of your brand needs to be adjusted fore the audience (without losing the core) and there are visual circumstances in which you may need to bend your brand to fit into the new mediums you want to use.

You can be very successful bending your brand if you have built a level of consistency into it in the first place! Choose what your staple items will be, whether your shape (logo), your typeface (fonts) or colours. You can be effective in bending your brand as long as you have the rest of the elements in place.

QUESTION:Did you see my glasses in the first image? I twisted them, but you knew they could be them...

With most of my work, I have my glasses (staple) and no matter what I do with them, you see consistency with them, whether in the style, color, typeface ... there are common elements.

graphic design okotoks

If you want to have more creative freedom with your brand, bend it, don't break it. It may mean missing out on some of the trends in order to create longevity, but, we are building a brand for the long game, not the immediate.

Julie Boake

awedity creative

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