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Sure, but boring is ... boring

If you always do something the same way, because thats the way its always been done... guess what, progress is not made. We would still be using wire recorders and the album would never have been made.

Someone had to think of social media, the internet and the airplane.

So if you want that, you want what has been done, yes, that may be great and it may work for you but ask one question...

What would happen if you did it different?

What is the worst that could happen? Yes, they say all publicity is good publicity (unless you are United Airlines). You will not likely be out to intentionally hurt, offend, harm or create chaos so, seriously, what could happen?

Models are size 0 young women, but then we allowed larger women, the NORMAL size of women and you know what? clothes sold still. We love Betty White...

You could create something amazing

Thats what COULD happen, thats what may happen and that, with a little faith, is what will happen.

You may reach new markets, new audiences and new opportunities. That wouldnt be too bad.

Bravery is not reserved for the brave, its for all that are willing to find a little discomfort for a new comfort.

Bold is not bad, loud is not annoying (says the girl who sings in her car) it all can be ok, it can be good and it can help make a difference! (Why do you think we use loud celebrities to fight for causes).

So fight the boring, find another way, find a new voice.

Julie Boake

awedity creative

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