Social Media is not a miracle...

Social Media Calgary

I love social media and I think it is a great tool for business, for boosting brand awareness, recognition, SEO and helping you promote and sell online but ... no it is not the miracle you may think.

Social media takes work:

Aside from needing a plan to promote, gain exposure and develop a presence, it takes time. In the first few months of growing online you need to spend a lot of time building and learning your audience. What do they respond well to? What are their likes, dislikes, pain points and what is the problem they need help solving?

What is important to your audience? What does your audience look like, what is their demographic, what types of things do they stand up for, care about and love?

Do you know their hobbies? The more you learn about your audience and what they are saying the better job you will have targeting your posts and content to what really matters to them. The better you tailor your posts, the more likely they will be shares, liked, commented on.

It takes time:

In the first few months of growing online, get social, talk to your audience rather than spending your time 'pushing' out content only. Join groups, like pages, find out what is going on in the community where your audience is (whether news, local events, issues, fundraisers or daily problems).

Don't expect a miracle to happen in the first month or two, great if it does, but don't pin your success on it.

Once you have built an understanding, measure your results, refine your content, build and keep moving forward.

Vary your strategy:

Whether building your audience online is through organic reach and results or through paid ads, review what works. If you find a pain point, solve the problem, work with the issue and help be part of the resolution.

Host contest, ask questions look for ways to engage your audience. Write blogs, posts highlighting expertise, results of surveys, whatever your audience has show of value to them.

Evaluate your success differently:

If you only base your success on how many calls or website clicks you get, you may find yourself disappointed. If you look at the bigger picture, the long term goals and how your short term goals have kept you on track, you may find you are more successful.

For example: if you only care how many phone calls you have