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You, makes you ... YOU

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People have said to me "You're so lucky to be creative' ...

It has nothing to do with luck. I can't sing, I don't know north from south (unless its on my car navigation) and I cannot whistle, not even with my fingers.

Nope, luck isn't it.

I won't doubt that perhaps there are some genetics. I like to think that since I'm part dutch I am naturally a little gifted when it comes to seeing things from a different perspective and I am a big fan of orange...

Do you think anyone ever said to Prince, 'you're so lucky you can play guitar' or remarked that Tiger Woods is blessed to be good at golf?

Nature or nurture?

We all have little talents, natures that we can nurture into something incredible. We have seeds planted in us at an early age that may allow certain parts of us to be more tuned into elements than another. I may see things different because I was always stuck in the middle or because I wasent given certain luxuries. Prince may have a wonderful ear, but only he could have the passion to learn an instrument, Tiger Woods literally needed the drive to play golf and keep practicing.

What then?

What makes you unique is your own experiences, your own upbringing and surroundings. We may have been blessed to be surrounded by talent, that does not mean it was inherited by us, we may learn melodies from it but never pick up a guitar, we may learn to write music or poetry from it. So is it luck, perhaps there is some elements that are luck but its not all...

It is...

It's always going to come down to what your passion is, that is what will make you keep going when you cant figure out how to draw a spider or a nose. Its practice that will make you better at it and openness that will make you explore it further.

Its you that makes you, its all inside of you, all of it.

Julie Boake

awedity creative

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