tired of the damn buzzwords

The buzzwords that float around social media can be enough to leave you confused, struggling and wondering if anything is real anymore...


How many times have we heard this in a day, as advice from everyone. Now we have people being fake authentic without really understanding what it means to be authentic.

You know what I mean, it's the social media equivalent of people wearing make-up with perfectly groomed hair at the gym.

Perhaps its because we are not used to knowing who we are anymore that being authentic is now the 5 minutes when we wake up and brush our teeth that we are not wondering if this moment would make a good selfie.


I love seeing this buzz word. For a moment I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. For the moment until I see the same company not giving back, the only one missing on the list of sponsors, the person that is never there for the community events, donating, or adversely not supporting the community. Sometimes we notice just how much people do and we also notice how much they don't do.

It's not hard to be a part of the community, but it does require slightly more effort than just living in one.

Online community: This is an interesting one for me. I see people creating online communities with the purpose of offering something back to some niche area, but then ... suddenly charging for it. I love the idea of open collaboration within a group, I hate the idea of building and 'online community' just to then sell memberships to after the fact. I don't remember Gary Vee selling memberships to his online group... or selling memberships for nothing more exciting than a newsletter that really doesn't have anything profound or that you wouldn't find from a google search.