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Point 1 - The Value of Social Media

What is the value of social media to your business? Big business, small business, new, and well established. No matter the size of your business or how long you’ve been around times are changing and social media has a larger presence now than ever. Millennial consumers shop online, they read reviews, and if they cannot find your twitter handle or instagram account you simply don’t exist in most cases. How do I know? I’m a “millennial” and statistics don’t lie. Word of mouth is great and having fantastic reputation within you community is essential, but those alone cannot and will not build your business. The reality is that in today's market less and less people are watching TV and listening to radio ads, so how can you reach them? It’s time to get social and up your game!

There is a place for social media within your brand and if you aren’t tapping into the market, well, you should be. There is a massive benefit to taking hold of your online presence - you become the first business in people’s mind driving consumers to your door, you’re readily accessible to your consumers, and you are on top of the latest moves within your market. It’s finding the sweet spot in your social media marketing that will allow you to reap the benefits as a business.

It’s not just as simple as throwing up a Facebook business page and then BOOM, we’re live and online people! You have to manage your page and interact with your audience or you will lose them and your reputation along with. An unmanaged business page is almost worse than having no page at all and the same can be said for other social media platform accounts as well. You do not want to be a ghost to your audience. It’s bad enough that we have to deal with Tinder ghosts, let’s not make business too personal too.

Hire someone reputable to help you manage your social media if you cannot allot the appropriate time and attention to it. It’s unfair to your followers and your business to dive in halfheartedly. No matter the size or longevity of your business, remember that whether you like it or not times are shifting and eventually your marketing will need to too. Choose wisely who you work with!

Kelsey Norman, Certified Social Media Marketer

Awedity Creative

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