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Make my logo bigger

It's the old complaint that many graphic designers joke about. The client asking 'can you make my logo bigger?'

Of course we can make your logo bigger.

Of course we can fill the page with your logo.

Of course people can see it more clearly if it's bigger.

But that doesn't mean that it's the right solution, it doesn't mean the ad is going to be more effective if your logo is bigger.

In fact, the opposite is true. Making an ad where the key piece of information is your logo is a blatant sales tool and only communicates your logo. If you want to draw the attention of your audience, GIVE THEM SOMETHING WORTH LOOKING AT AND READING. Instead of forcing your logo on them.

The average person is subjected to 4000 logos and brads per day, we are daunted, chased, overwhelmed by logos, do we need to see just another logo?

If we are constantly seeing logos, we start to exclude logos looking for valuable content, authentic connection and the overwhelming 'why'. Why does the client care about your ad, why should they read the content?

Gove the client, consumer, audience something they want to see and read and they will inadvertently recognize your log, want to know more about your brand and ... take action. Give THEM what THEY want and, as a result, you will get what you want: a client.

It's not all about your logo, its about building a relationship with the audience, building a brand, building recognition and there are far better ways of doing it than just making your logo bigger.

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