All about the blog...

We all know we should be blogging (because we have been told a million times) but ... what do we blog about? How do we start? What should we say?

Where do you start?

Do you ever find yourself having the same conversations over and over again with your clients, friends or family regarding your area of expertise?

>> you may have a great blog topic!

Think about things that you do on a regular basis, while they may seem obvious to you, they can be a useful tip for someone else. ie: not everyone knows where to start with their blog.

The easiest things to write about will be the things that you know fluently, it will help you write even more.

What do you blog about?

It may seem obvious to blog about things you know, but you may be stuck on topics or areas of expertise. Here are some tips:

Talk about things that are happening in the news

Highlight before and after items

Highlight why something was successful in your practice

Trends and topics that are up and coming

Try to keep your topics relevant to your business!


Not only does blogging help build a credibility but it can help drive traffic to your website and build an audience, grow your customers and help your website rank better in search engines.