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Why you should blog.


If you ask most of my clients, you will hear them say that I have told them once or twice to start a blog, write a blog or share it in a blog. They have a love hare relationship with the idea.

Generally to start they struggle (hate) with what to write in a blog (who hasn't) but once you get started, most people find blogging actually not that hard. The hardest part seems to be finding the time to sit down and get your thoughts on paper. They don't quite understand why they should bother...

WHY you should blog:

1. You know stuff. If you have ever found yourself repeatedly educating people on the same topic (why you should blog)? Perhaps it would be a great topic for you to write about.

Not only will it save you effort down the long run but you never know who else has been asking the same question, searching the internet for the answer and ending up on your blog. >> they may just get curious and read more!

2. SEO. Ok most people really don't like this reason but it does make a difference. Not only can you be found for the keywords contained in your blog post but you also add new, fresh content to your website (something the Google search engine loves). >> it also keeps people on your website a little longer (long enough to read the whole blog hopefully)

3. Web traffic. Posting a blog and sharing it on multiple locations and social platforms drives people to your website to learn about the topic and -- learn about you and/or your business. >> you never know when you may get a new contact from it.

4. It helps you improve your writing and communication skills. Anything you practice repeatedly help you improve that skill. Blogging is no different. Whether a writer or not, blogging helps you refine the way you communication through words, helping you learn to structure your thoughts better and communicate.

5. Connection. Through blogging you connect yourself to your client base, your current audience and potentially a much larger audience. Often we can feel alone in our issues, questions an struggle but blogging adds a personal element, it makes the author real to another person and allows your audience to comment back - allowing for a different level of engagement that cannot be achieved through books and newspapers etc.

6. Its the strangest journal you can have. Whether your blog is personal based or professional based, you are putting a history, timeline of knowledge or experience out into the world. It is not private, locked in a booklet somewhere, it is an open page or moment in your life. Professionally and personally.

7. Its free. What does it hurt to try? With all of the benefits of blogging there is very little to lose, so enjoy it.


Be yourself - be genuine, be honest.

Write in your style. I am casual, in persona as well, a formal blog would not suit me.

Section it out. Make it easy to organize the thoughts and ideas.

Julie Boake

Awedity Creative

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