Will your brand weather the storm?

We have talked so heavily about the value of your brand. In challenging times, the strength of your brand will be even more valuable than at any other point - aka, this is the moment of test that your brand has waited for.

Sit back, here are some questions to ponder:

1. what is the mission of your business?

2. what is your purpose, your 'why' and the core of your brand

3. What does your brand value? People, profit, innovation, strategy, environmental etc...

I ask clients to think of 3 words they want people to say about their brand, do you remember your 3 words?

A crisis like this current one generally separates the strong from the weak, and in saying that, a weak brand can take longer to recover than businesses with a strong brand message and identity. Your actions now can have a long-lasting reflection on your brand, so are you ready to stand behind your brand statement?

Strong brands can weather storms more strategically with clarity and ease of communications, knowing clearly what their brand represents and where it sits in the minds of consumers. Strong brands have built messaging around their business, which now, will reflect in their crisis comm