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Website considerations

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Back in the day, building a website would take programming, loads of time, and skills that not everyone had the skills required to do such a heavy level of coding - which made websites expensive! (but the cost of not having one made a business feel left behind).

Now the world has changed. And so have websites.

Schools have begun to teach coding, we all have access to computers and there are tools and software that make building a website much easier. In school, my teacher said 'You're either a coder or a designer' meaning you were likely able to be excellent at the operations side of the website (coder) or you could be a visionary with the design (designer).

Options for websites:

There are a few main platforms we see used quite a bit locally, these are not in any particular order:

WordPress (which started as a blogging website), Shopify (e-commerce), Wix (full circle options), Squarespace (template-based) all provide opportunities to build a website much easier and adaptable to your business.

BUT... yes, a but. Technology changes all of the time and our internet browsers are constantly updating new web compliance and features are changing daily which means, we also need to update our websites a little more often as well, so thankfully the prices have come down.

So what should you expect to pay for a website?

There are a few factors that go into the pricing of a website:

  1. Number of pages - of course, the number of pages matters, with each page there is design time, keywords, content, and SEO that needs to be considered

  2. What type of site do you need? If you are using a regular website to provide information, this is a standard site, but if you plan on selling products, you will need an e-commerce option added to your site. If you need a store, there is the extra setup time for takes, shipping, and policies.

  3. If you are adding things like tickets sales, booking (with booking fees), etc, these are additional features and will require e-commerce set up. These features also take time to set up.

  4. Do you need help with writing content (it may cost to hire a writer) or need pictures taken (photographer), these are not always needed for every site build but if you need some help, know that this will add an additional cost.

We start at $2000 to build a fully functional, mobile responsive, and SEO compliant website, but like dinner, when you add drinks or dessert, additional fees may apply.

If you are ready to get started with your website, we would love to help!


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