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Websites are even more important now...

Let's face it, websites have always mattered but in a post-Covid world, websites are going to be even more important.


  1. Consumer behavior has changed. We have spent more time online day dreaming of things we would like to do, scouring pinterest for great reno ideas, and spending our money with those that have the ability to service us while we were stuck inside and help up make our plans come to fruition.

  2. This is just the new reality. We have spent months going online, our behavior has changed to the point that we want to see and learn about businesses online.

  3. With a 40% growth of people online on social media accounts, most companies noticed a jump in website traffic as well as we went down rabbit holes of information and fed our curiosity.

  4. We've become a bit anti-social, really. We have become accustomed to doing everything online with only moments of seeing other people in grocery stores and walking down the street, we really have come to expect to get most of our information online.

So what do consumers want to see on websites, if we are spending our time hunting and searching?

  1. We want to know who you are, what you stand for, and how supporting you serve in our greater picture of humanity, community and can fulfill our wishes.

  2. We want to know there are people there and know who we are helping. Whether just one or a team of many, we want to know that we are supporting others and seeing businesses for the people that form them and not as huge corporations.

  3. We would love to do our transactions without a call if needed, in weird hours of the day and night, and when we get a moment. This is done well with contact forms, quick links for emails, and connecting through your social media accounts.

  4. We need you to be clear on your policies, hours, and how we can safely interact with your business. What are you doing to keep us as safe as possible as consumers?

  5. Can we make a purchase easily?

Redesigning or rebuilding your site? There are a lot of new tools available for you.

> Integrate your social media feed

> add online scheduling for consumers to book appointments with you or to visit your store

> adding an option for a zoom meeting rather than an in-person

> Integrating your social media, google and other online assets

Not to mention that design has come a long way.

Look through a designers portfolio of work, its the easiest way to see diversity of skill and ability while understanding how websites should be tailored for the consumer and compliment the business with unique branding and design.

Julie Boake

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