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Planning your website

There are a few things that go into planning a website and some common questions that help ensure you get your objectives met with your website.

I have added a website planner below, this is good to review and fill out (make sure you make your own copy!). This planner is designed to help you consider all of the things that will go into your website. Do not panic if you don't fill it out completely, some items can be discussed.

Planning your website: Website planner (open this and take a peek as you read this blog)

1. What do you need?
Most often a new website is built because it is a new business, there is new information, or businesses would like to explore technology to make their lives easier.
Do you want to add scheduling, booking or add tickets to events?
Do you want to start doing sales through your website?
Do you need a way to manage your communications better?
Do you need a better way to highlight your features or services? A call to action?
Do you need to update the appearance of your website? Did you rebrand?
Do you need to update because of the new algorithms and technology?

Whether new, established or revising, consider how your website can act as the perfect sales tool for your business and whether you want to use it as a customer service tool.

2. What is the customer journey?
I am not going to inundate your with cliche terms marketing people use, so to simplify this, let's explore how your customer makes the decision to buy from you. Do they go to your website and book? Do they find you on social or advertisements? How many times do you engage, is it an emergency or a quote process? How many times do you, or your brand, interact with a client before a sale?
What does your client need to know? What steps can be managed so that we can reduce the conversion time? How can we make everything easier for you, the client and automate key pieces.

3. Getting it together
One of the longest processes of a new website build is writing the content. With an existing website I tell clients to audit then content to make sure it's still relevant and make any modifications.

This is when you would start to gather your assets together into a folder to share:
1. Logo and branding guide (if you have one)
2. Content - all of the wording you would like on each page or for each service.
(If you need help with your writing we can assist)
3. Visuals: Images, team photos, product or service photos.
(If you need help sourcing graphics, we can assist)
4. Gathering links + resources - socials, other website or partners, references
5. Allocation of team resources - for review and assistance with questions.

Once you have your items together and are ready for us to get started, we are happy to review everything and let you know some ideas and solutions to help your business communicate everything and provide a great user experience.

6. Ready for reviews:
Once we have completed the design of your website, it will be sent to you for review. Please take your time reviewing everything and make a separate note page or sheet with any edits, adjustments or changes needed. Gather everything together at one time to make this process the most efficient.

7. Once it's done
Once your website is complete, we will work with you to select the best hosting plan and connect your domain.
For a period of time after your website is live we will offer free assistance to make sure there are no issues.

This process can. take as little as a week or two to over a month, the speed is generally determined by the client.

If you have any questions, I would be happy to help.

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