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It's not magic, it's hard work

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

You've heard it said a million times, there's no replacement for hard work

...unless you have unlimited amounts of. money --I added that!

hard work

With anything, whether its learning a new skill, losing weight or growing your business, the only way to make it faster without hard work is through money... (money is a wonderful incentive to learn something new or the cost of university is enough to make you want to learn what you're paying for.

It goes for your business and your website. Going to the gym one day does not produce results the same as the first day you post your website - it's not going to zoom to the top of google or even get found, this is a process that takes time. Marketing is not one promotion and voila you are done... everything worth having takes time and effort and you are rewarded based on the level of effort you put in -- like your workouts!

And just like with everything else, it's what you put in that you will get out.

There are businesses that existed before you, and have worked hard, held a website for a long time and probably have even gotten visits to that website, so you will not bump someone out of first place (just like you would not want that to happen to you) if they are doing a good job.

So what can you do?

Plan for writing blogs, build a strategy to do the right things to help you get recognized, grab your Google My Business account page, activate your social media and build a strategy around getting reviews on your google or facebook pages. These help your website get moved up in the rankings and help it get noticed online.

Send people to your website, ask people to go check it out and give feedback - this will help get some traction to your website as well as showing people how they can refer you and get to know about more of your services.

and if you DO have a lot of money and need to see what you can do faster... buy Google Ads. They have a low click through rate (meaning not everyone will clock on the ad) but they also help to build brand recognition.

When you start to get the inevitable emails that say 'we can help you get your website to the top of the page (think of it as liposuction for your fat) it can be done, but 1. it will be done by them buying ads for you and 2. the results won't last, when the dollars run out, the ranking does but...

Organic will always be trusted more than paid ads

but organic ranking only comes from working hard on your website. If you have hired a good designer they will have built in the site structure and done the coding based items for you, the rest is up to you!

Give your website tie for google to 'crawl' it and organize it on the web using the keywords and titles in your site, but plan on having a plan to update your website, provide fresh content through blogs or posts, and get working on your reviews and social media as well.

Julie Boake

Awedity Creative

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