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Designer disappeared?

What happened to your web/graphic designer?

Since Covid started I have met more people that have said that the designer they used has 'disappeared'

Whether the 'great resignation' or the mindset of 'you only live once' people are moving and changing, reevaluating what they want and where they want to be. People have packed up shop and decided that, if there was to be no other time, this is a great time for a change... and sadly, some have decided to close down.

So what can you do? How do you get your files or access to your website? What if you don't know how to update your website? Are you stuck?

When I work with clients, I always send all of their design files (raw files included) when I produce a logo, this ensures 2 things: 1 You have your files if you need to make edits, 2. You paid for these files, if you want to work with me, it's because you choose to.

--> some designers keep these files so you are always required to return to them for any additional changes, updates or they can make money off you when you need different print or promotional items.

When I build websites, I transfer everything to an account under the client's name and access and only remain on the website as a contributor - this means I cannot see any client or financial information but I can access your website if you need changes.

I once had a client come to me because a guy made their website for free pizza, when he moved to BC all of the access to the website was lost and it was a lot of work to prove ownership of the website and domain to get access to it.

---> some website designers will offer to host your site or domain under their account - this means if they move, pass away or disappear, your stuff is under their account and it could be a challenge to get access to it.

Even your domain, open your own account to purchase your domain, these are assets of your business.

As a business owner, it's a good idea to ask questions, ask for files and really understand where everything is.

Julie Boake

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