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The social media job reference.

Social Media Okotoks

You've started job seeking, you are well qualified for the jobs you are applying for but no one is calling you back. Yes, there are a lot of candidates applying for the same job as you, they are equally qualified, equally eager... so what's going on?

Have you looked at your social media profile?

Most employers are looking at Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. What image have you put out there?

An employer cares, they are seeing you as a representative of their business, an employee and one of the faces of their business.

Rants and complaints:

If you are posting about all of the complaints in your life, be sure that an employer is wondering what you are likely to say about them after a bad shift or possible termination. If you can't show restraint and courtesy online, you are likely not going to show it when something happens at work.

Little outfits:

Yes, that crop top does look good on you, but what are you planning on wearing to work? Narcissism is not an attribute most people put on their resume but your bicep pictures will tell a lot about you. Yes, you should express yourself, but think about how someone else would look at it. If you don't want your grandma to see it, don't post it.

Making out:

You love your bae, we're happy you have found love. To an perspective employer, they wonder if this love and attachment will lead to absences from work, your bf/gf hanging out on location and causing drama. Plus, really, there are not many people that want to see all of these making out pictures, so keep them on your phone, not on your profile.

Tats and makeup:

Ohh the self expression is great. Does it match with where you're applying? Is the extra layer of mascara required to be successful as a landscaper? Working at a dental office and can't hide your 'thug life' tat on your neck? Well these could be putting off employers. While these examples are dramatic, even one tattoo may put an employer off and heavy make up may be giving a different impression. Not all hiring managers are young, some may be more conventional in their thinking.


I recently saw a post of a girl looking to do odd jobs, she offered house cleaning, dog walking, yard work etc. After looking at her profile, I thought she was far more concerned with the mirrors in the house than working.

Another young lady looking for work showed her profile in tight fitting clothes, low cleavage and crop tops. I assumed she was looking for a date more than a job.

A early 20s man was having trouble finding employment, after asking me I looked at his profile and thought he was living in a fantasy world and focused on being a free -spirit. I was sure 'sick days' would be coming my way.

Here's what you need to do:

Employers can look, they can judge. Its the online version of asking for a referral. Clean up your profile if you are planning on searching for a job. Hide certain things, check your privacy settings and portray yourself as the type of employee that anyone would want to hire.

Add volunteer experience, past jobs, charity, community involvement and activities (sports) that reflect teamwork, giving back, hard work and commitment.

Written for all parents out there, that can't get their teens to listen.

Julie Boake

Awedity Creative

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