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Is your website worthy?

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So you've built a website (or hired someone to build one for you)... now what?

I will tell you some truth here - its not going to go to number 1 on google overnight.


There are a few factors that we should talk about first...

Mobile Responsive:

did you get a website that converts for mobile devices? Specifically formatted for mobile devices, not your desktop version showing on mobile, but an actual mobile version. If not, start there. Google will not give preference pr favoured positioning to your website unless you have that.

Most website platform creators will have a mobile option, so make sure this is top of your list of questions.

Age over beauty:

You may have built this stunning website, it looks far better than the competition but ... they have age on their side. Google will recognize their history relating to years in operation.

So, to start out, you may not overtake your competitions desired position but you can work towards it.

Not to mention that they have also worked hard to get their website to its location, whether through promotion, driving traffic or providing valuable content.


There are a few words around keywords that you should know:

1. You should have some that relate to your business, for example if you are diesel mechanic, you may want to use keywords like: diesel, motor, repair, (location), truck, car... etc.

2. But what you don't want to do is 'keyword dumping' ie: "We are a diesel repair shop, we repair diesel trucks and perform diesel repairs on many vehicles." Humans do not talk like that, so your content should not read like that.

3. Make sure your keywords match your meta tags (in the back end of your website)

Keep it fresh:

A stale website is just that, stale. No one wants to read a paper that is 4 years old versus the current news. While there may not be 'new' and 'fresh' content for your website, adding a blog, updating deals/specials and refreshing your content can help. After all you are contributing something new to the internet and providing new information, there is an value added to this.

You do not need to be overly lengthy in your content either, but try not to be too sparse. While you know your business, everyone does not, provide FAQ's or 'if this' content and make sure to cover off on the WHY.

Promote your website:

Yes, really, the more you can drive traffic to your website the more Google rankings believes you have something of value you are adding through your website.

Perhaps you have exclusive online offerings, new products or new content, share this with your online audience and in-person audience.

Use your social media platforms to drive traffic to your website

Are you ready for leads?

Is your website designed to help convert people from looking to taking action (calling you, making a purchase)

These are not all of the tips and rules but these are a few to get you started. Stay tuned to more tips for how to boost your website online ORGANICALLY.

Julie Boake

Awedity Creative

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