What is SEO?

I get asked weekly 'Do you do SEO?' to which the response is generally highlighting that there are 100s of factors that go into SEO.

What is SEO?

Most often people want to be in the number 1 spot on Google, and there are two ways to accomplish that

  1. Buy Google Ads

  2. Best Practice SEO

Let's consider you are hoping for proper SEO worked on in your website, and I will keep this as simple as possible allowing you to explore more in-depth as you would like.

Keep in mind, each year Google updates the importance and weighting of SEO factors, where once Social Media didn't count, it now has a piece of the pie in your SEO ranking.

See the below image, this is for 2021 (courtesy Search Engine Land) these are an overview of the factors that go into SEO. I will cover off some items, but as you can see from the image, there are a lot fo factors that go into SEO.