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Asking for a review

Customer Reviews

Have you ever been asked to provide a review or testimonial for a company?

"...astonishing 92 percent of consumers now reading online reviews, businesses are increasingly relying on reviews to build trust and manage their brands." ~Entrepreneur Magazine

Now, when was the last time you asked a customer for a review? There are many platforms for consumers to write reviews - Yelp, Google, Facebook and industry specific sites. Even if you are not on these platforms there are great ways to use and encourage reviews from your customers.

1. Where:

Like I mentioned earlier, there are many social platforms for people to write a review or testimonial about YOU or your COMPANY from LinkedIn (Recommendations) to Google+ pages and Yelp to providing a star rating and comment on Facebook.

The reviews don't need to stop there. With the permission of your client, consider adding your reviews to marketing materials, your website and printed out and displayed at your business.

2. When

People are more likely to write a review when they are freshly satisfied. If possible, encourage your customers to provide a review.

You should strive to make it easy as possible, provide them your options (the social platforms) or an opportunity to email you their review.

3. Why

Reading customer reviews has become more and more important for customers. While you don't have to have a perfect 5 star rating, you should have a couple testimonials and reviews from those you have provided goods and/or services to. Often this can yell a customer a lot about what to expect (ie: "extremely knowledgeable in taxes" would help a prospect feel more confident about using your services if they have a tax issue).

Let's say you have 2 positive reviews and your competition has 8, where do you think your client is inclined to call?

4. How to ask...

Once you have completed your dealings, send a quick note, a follow up email or include the request on your invoice (it makes it easy and natural). Let them know that reviews help you grow your business and helps potential customers find your business more easily and could help them decide if you are a trusted resource.

If you would like your client to highlight something - ie: 'great turn around' or 'reliable lasting product' feel free to gently urge our customer to include that in their review. You may take the approach 'we are working to highlight our quick turn around and made it a priority with you...' It lends your customer an idea of that may be good to include.

5. What about bad reviews.

Bad reviews are not the end of the world. Many people don't even believe all positive reviews - could a company really be this perfect - maybe you are??? But some skeptics may think some are 'phony' so if you get one less than 5 star review its more about how you handle it.

Thank the reviewer for the comment - even if you don't like it - remember 2 wrongs still don't make a right.

Deal with it right away - comment... anything. Address the review in a positive manner and ask if you can have the opportunity to make it right.

Recognize the issue and use it to improve your business.

Want to pick my brain? - send your question and I would be happy to chat.

Julie Boake

Awedity Creative


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