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it's not just a slogan, it's a goal


design is not what we make, it's what we make possible! 

Real talk, real advice, real-world experience. I don't speak marketing fluff (I hate it too), and unless you are Don Draper, it will never look as good on you! 

Since 2007, I have been a part of our community empowering local business owners and helping them get excited about what is possible for their business! I believe in partnering with busunesses to reach their goals not using a huge team to collaborate on jargon, I am a doer, not a talker.

I provide guidance with executing goals (seriously, I don't just send you on your way) and provide advice and assistance with design, digital, marketing, websites and social media.  

Many businesses I work with hire me for: 

  • website design (I create e-commerce, schedule, online events and simple sites) 

  • graphic design for ads, social and print work,

  • social media guidance or full management,

  • brand building and logo design for new or revamping businesses, 

  • strategic marketing ideas and planning assistance,

  • connecting and collaborating with other businesses

Curious about price? See below!

about me

If you can make anything,
make an impact

We have worked with large internaitonal businesses and small local businesses, at the end of the day, Awedity believes in being a champion for business and community.


Making a notable impact for our clients is at the heart of what we do, and we focus on doing that well.


Each year, a portion of all profits go back to the community through donations, sponsorships and giving back.

Get to know me, and read what clients say

Ginger & Spice
Ginger & Spice

Ginger & Spice Logo Redesign Logo Design Okotoks

Okotoks Public Library
Okotoks Public Library

Okotoks Public Library Logo Design Okotoks

William Kitchen
William Kitchen

William Kitchen Real Estate Logo Design Okotoks, Calgary

Ginger & Spice
Ginger & Spice

Ginger & Spice Logo Redesign Logo Design Okotoks

website design:

Websites are the first and most vital way business owners connect, and engage, with their potential customers. 

Most business owners hate the task of website building but it is an essential part of doing business, especially now. The good news is, they are not as expensive as they one were. Our websites start at $2000 and are mobile responsive and SEO friendly!

I'm here to help! We have helped to build websites for over 70 Calgary, Okotoks and High River area business owners.


Websites are your online business card, and the first engagement tool for your consumer, and ... well, you will be judged, so let's make a website that not only functions beautifully but looks great as well!

Our websites are mobile responsive, connect to google, secure + accessible and... most importantly, cater to what your customer needs from you.


graphic design:
branding + materials

If no one cares about what you designed, was it worth designing?


We stoped using Microsoft paint years ago, everyone else should too! 

Whether logo, branding, or creating a personality for your business, your design conveys your personality and let's make it worth looking at!


Let's talk  logos, advertisements, corporate materials, and branding guides.

Check out my portfolio, this is what I nail! 


Old school and new school! I practiced marketing for 10 years before marketing even involved digital. My role is to help you understand your strengths and us a combination of traditional concepts along with modern, psychological and consumer behavior to seek growth opportunities. 

Marketing and design should always be accessible and affordable, we don't employ large teams but rather source additional professionals when needed to keep costs down.

Depending on the service, you may choose to bundle a package or hire me by the hour as needed.

social media:

If you are not on social media, are you missing out? I don't believe everyone should be on social media (funeral homes??) but I can help you find the right place to be and what makes sense for you. 

  • social media training + consultations

  • social media template designs

  • co-management of social media accounts

I work with you to design a solution fit for your business with social media management starting at $625!