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by design.

I help business owners produce better results through marketing, websites, design and

understanding human behaviour.

Understand your customers.


Customers tell us what we want to hear, but their actions tell the truth.


75% of customers will judge your business solely by the look of its website while 48% say a professional website provides instant credibility.

When we understand our customers we spend less to attract and retain them.

Make the right impression.

I help business owners like you amplify your business by applying proven marketing strategies, strong + creative website design, and professional logos and branding.

Businesses with professional design outperformed other businesses by 219% over 10 years.

You don't need to spend more if you spend wisely.

Make it easy

When we fully understand what your customers want, how they behave and what is holding them back, we can help them make better decisions and reduce the friction points.

Marketing understands how to promote, behavioural economics highlights the decision making process, together they become a tool to guide customer decisions.

a great logo

The start of a memorable brand is 
logo designer okotoks

creating effective websites, marketing and design 
...for real people. 

"Julie is enthusiastic and so knowledgeable about websites and all of the intricacies of social media. She can speak a language you understand and make you aware of options available to you in a comprehensible fashion. I love our new website for Ginger Laurier! She is local and here to help...makes sense to me. Thank you Awedity Creative Inc."



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