The (near) future of marketing

If dealing with a Global Pandemic has taught all of anything, it has clearly shown us that we have to expect change that we could have never forecasted when we planned out our marketing strategies for the year.

Be Nimble

Plans were set, budgets were spent and time was allocated. It all seemed like a brilliant plan that was going to highlight the 2020 vision we all had (the irony is not lost on 2020).

We all started the year after with an outline, but as we soon found out, the best plans can change, and need to.

By March we knew that something may change every plan that was set in place, all budgets set, contracts signed and design completed may need to drastically change. Those that were nimble were able to adjust or revamp their messaging to try to accommodate. We went from dining-in to delivery, storefronts to online shopping, and the rush for toilet paper and sanitizer was the only thing consumers wanted to get information on.

Our audiences engaged and came together. There were important movements, causes and social activism that erupted to the forefront of our minds. Companies took stances, audiences rallied and marketers were cautious to communicate with sensitivity.