• Julie Boake

Social Media in 2020

We started out 2020 like any other year, normal, full of hope for what the year would unfold for us and our businesses.

By March we were sure there was a change coming, and it did. COVID happened.

For many businesses, they froze, what do we post? what is safe to talk about? Will we be shutting down? More stopped running ads, they took a stance, felt they didn't need to advertise and went quiet, after all, who is buying when we're all in lockdown?

Social media was up 40% at the peak of lockdown, meaning those that continued to post, engage and change the conversation to suit the moment, we're able to gain new insights into who their customer was and who their potential new customer could be.

Some businesses adapted, found extreme support locally, and through online sales, catering their services to the new reality, without knowing how long that reality might last for.

Underdogs then began to lead, from sheer visibility along with their tenacity to consistently be there for their potential customers. strong businesses closed, not adapting and not exploring what may lay ahead.

In the pandemic of the 1930s those that continued their pursuit for business came out ahead, not just from the time during the pandemic, but by exploring the opportunities that were ahead after the pandemic ceased.

So now that we are in a state of flux, where we are not sure if there will be another lockdown or not, we are all curious about how we make the most out of it.

  1. Don't leave, journal your experience and the evolution and changes to your business to help you stay connected to your customers, your audience and your market.

  2. Use the tools. Embrace the stories, the video opportunities and consider whether a podcast suits you.

  3. Be Authentic. As we have been in a state of turmoil and questions, people crave what is real, what is genuine.

  4. Connect. Whether to other businesses to collaborate with, the community or your customers, find ways to connect together

  5. Listen, an opportunity is out there. There will be a chance, if you are brave enough to take it or in the position to jump, opportunities arise in the most unusual times, and this is no different. Whether its expanding, acquiring or adjusting, you will hear what customers are looking for and what is available if you take time to listen and read social media posts.

As we look further into fall and the possibility of winter and the holiday seasons, there may be more chances for you to embrace the tools on social media to build engagement from an authentic level.

Of note: I've noticed the most hashtags do not win, so test posts with multiple hashtags as well as those with less, test photos versus text, find out which balance works best for you and your business.

I am in a smaller centre, Okotoks, so I find here, people really like to get to know you, see real pictures, and love to hear what the community thinks about what you are doing. Right now, testimonials around safety practices seem welcome and have added to the confidence in visiting a store or public space.

Julie Boake

Awedity Creative

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