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Marketing during a pandemic - Covid 19

Never in a million years did I ever think I would be writing a blog on the topic of marketing during a pandemic. I've written blogs, but who ever thinks they will be a part of a pandemic, let alone a worldwide pandemic in which to navigate your business?

Some people have stopped completely marketing their business during the pandemic. The world has not ended. While some businesses have taken this opportunity to chase ambulances and capitalize. Let's aim somewhere in the middle and only where it really does matter.

1. Where is everyone?

Is your business going to continue to run after the pandemic has passed and a vaccine has be found? You don't want your business to be wiped out, so this is a good time to take a look at all of what you are doing and, to reduce costs, figure out where and when is the most effective marketing taking place.

With more people engaging on social media, this may be the best time to focus more of your efforts online versus offline, though people do have more time to read the paper right now.

2. Know thy audience

This is an effective time to really understand your market, your audience, and who your consumer is. Spend less money on your marketing, especially online, by pin-point targeting your ads to those that will be most likely to convert or take action.

Businesses that take the approach of targeting everyone end up not relating to anyone, the messages seem to vague that they no longer resonate with the audiences they are trying to reach and would convert is spoke to them.

3.What did you say?

Choosing your words is essential, likely now more than ever. Brands want to come across understanding and empathetic to what the human population, and your audience, is going through right now. This is the time to carefully scrutinize your message, read it from different perspectives and make sure you are neither chasing the fear or being too boastful.

Are you genuinely trying to help or is this an opportunity for you to engage in a meaningful way to encourage a click, a call a conversation.

4. A picture is worth a 1000 words

Visuals do help, they always help. We have to remind ourselves that people learn and retain information through different stimuli, some through words, some through smells (which is a huge challenge online) and some through visuals. Professional images always work best but there is a definite place during a challenge to be genuine and authentic more than ever.

5. Don't lose yourself.

Remember what your brand stands for, this is your strength, this is what will help you evolve. Strong brand recover faster than weak brands, build your message on brand and aligned with what your core values are. If it doesn't make sense, don't do it.

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Julie Boake - Marketing during a pandemic

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