Who pre-schedules on social media?

social media clown

Yes, I pre-schedule some of my social media posts.

Some refer to this practice as 'batching' or simple pre-loading content into a social media planner.

Is it wrong? No, but it's not perfect (more on that later).

Does everyone do it? Many more than you probably think.

Should you do it? You can, there are good ways to do it and less preferred ways of doing it.

So how do you do it thoughtfully?

There are some things that are 'safe' to pre-schedule (or batch) into your social media scheduler that will likely not come back to bite you. When I started in social media (2010) we didn't have the tools to schedule everything the way we do now, we could only schedule 30 items at most, I would argue that this practice did make us all a little more conscious of how much we scheduled.

I do tell clients that they can batch (pre-schedule) or that I will for them but I use some simple rules for doing it:


I review everything I have scheduled for the week every week, sometimes looking at all accounts daily so I know exactly what will be going out and when. Sometimes things need to change on the fly and I want to be well versed in what I am publishing.

It's a good habit to review your planner on a regular basis.


I tend to pre-schedule items that have no-harm-no-foul context --- my #wordwednesday posts are prescheduled. Words generally don't change too much and this makes it easier for me to keep track of which words I have published by doing them systematically in one go.

Other items that are good to pre-schedule would be your motivational Monday quotes (but yet, make sure the quoted has not ended up in a scandal (ie: Kevin Spacey) that would be odd, or that it pertains something that is currently in the news -- or at the very least that it makes sense if it is.