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Long copy sells more than short copy. - David Ogilvy

Billboards are more visible than business cards.

Experience matters.

Without reputation, people do not generally accept what is new, what is flashy. As consumers, we are more likely to settle for what we know than take the risk of what is new. Reputation can accelerate the adoption of new items, new product launches and allow the consumer to build trust in ventures unknown.


We don't know who was behind the hoverboard, and while many traditional 'early adopters' and youth were more than willing to risk their knees to try it, many mature and experienced people were more than happy to be second on this bandwagon.

When they caught fire in homes and posed a serious danger, because they were unbranded (lack of brand reputation) they were gathered all into one category, under one name - hoverboard - so we let them all fail. Would this have been different if the NIKE hoverboard was good and the Unknown Branded hoverboard was bad, we would all know not to buy the unbranded one and trust the Nike one. There is a reason none of the major brands attached their names to this product. What's the message this lack of adoption says?

Brands matter because reputation matters

When you don't attach a brand to something, you don't attach your name, you are not attaching any credibility or focus on quality.

Get a job or build a reputation

What if we looked at people and jobs different? What if you heard there was an exceptional employee available? They are dynamic, hard working, ethical and hugely popular in their industry - your industry. Would you put a help wanted ad out and hope for someone like that, or would you do everything you could to hire that person, even making or revising a role just to be able to bring them on board? They have build a personal brand, you want them, they have a reputation - that matters.

Reputations matter

Black and white, and red.

When your dealing with an accounting firm, they only care about your numbers, the clear as day line items that give you the pulse of your business. If you choose a good one, they can provide foresight and strategy, projections and options, choose the wrong one and you will likely not be a client long. The advice a business owner gets and the trust that is built into the access to all of your financial records is undoubtedly something you don't want to provide to just anyone.

Experience matters, reputation matters.

All of what we do in business, for our business, for our consumers comes down to building trust, building a reputation and sharing our experience on a level that should continually grow. There will always be shiny new competition, new ideas, new brands and new people, this is where the perceived and placed value of your brand, your experience and your reputation should never be something that people can compare to. We have all seen a market place flood with the latest fad, then quickly switch to the next latest fad. Reputations take a long time to develop, building a place for your brand in a consumers mind takes a really long time especially with all of the options available.

Nothing replaces doing the work, building the trust, building a brand.


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