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How social media helps business #3

We know now that social media can play an integral role in boosting your business through brand awareness, SEO benefits and the sheer fact it is a great tool for building a loyal brand following.

So let's chat.

Lately some businesses and people have been taking a 'social media break'. Yes, this is actually trending, I thought perhaps it would end with the New Years Resolutions but it appears to be continuing.

Good bye social media

Imagine you are used to shopping at a store, one day you walk by and see their windows boarded up after you have walked by that store daily. How do you feel? What do you think? Is your immediate response to think they have closed or just that they instantly no longer want people to window shop.


By engaging on social media then suddenly deciding that you are leaving social media, especially for a business, it can send the wrong message to your customers.

Social media is a customer service tool.

So by leaving and removing your business or making your page 'dormant' you are then sending the message that you no longer want to speak to - or engage with - your customers.

Solution: Have one of your team take it over so you can have a break or consider hiring out a social media manager for a period of time to give yourself a break (make sure they are qualified, these social media managers are popping up everywhere - just to cash in on a buck).

Be the boss of your industry:

Not only does social media help build awareness but you can build your business as a recognized leader and professional in your field. Highlighting tools, tips, tricks and giving away (yes, giving away) advice will show that you know your sh*t. It establishes trust that they are hiring the right person.

If you can give away a tip that is really good, people wonder what other great stuff you know and they can have access to when they hire you. So yes, give away your low hanging fruit, the real gems are what your customers get.

Solution: Videos can be a great way to showcase what you have done and the great work your business provides.

You can do so much better Building an online presence and engaging with people helps to connect you with so many opportunities. By building a strong audience and connecting, you will find that new doors open, new businesses may want to work with you and co-leverage your relationships. You gain the opportunity to get valuable feedback and hear directly from people what they really enjoy and want to see more of from you.

Solution: Set aside time daily, rather than binging on social media once a week, to engage, be it 5 minutes 3x a day or 10 minutes in the morning and at another interval, this regular contact helps you effectively listen, adjust and connect.

Can you see me now?

Activity on social media not only boosts your website (by directing traffic and contributing to your SEO) but you remain top of mind and the first person people think of when they need your service. Isn't that worth it?

Solution: Make a consistent effort, fluctuating and binging does not help your feed or your account stay on the tips of people's tongues.

Whats the return? It takes a bit of time but the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it!

Julie Boake

Certified Social Media Manager

Marketing - Web Designer - Graphic Designer

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