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SMM on Facebook For Newbs

Your handy reference for what not to do…cause I did it.

Unless you’ve been living in the Dark Ages, you’ve heard of social media and it’s ever growing platforms like the forefront giants Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. These platforms have opened up a whole new world of marketing for businesses, but there are rules and boundaries to consider when using them to promote yourself and your clients business pages. Let’s talk about Facebook, the platform launched in the early 2000s with the intent on connecting people through the internet

- a digital address book literally putting faces to names just as the name suggests. It certainly succeeded with its original goals and has continued to grow into a massive platform that people the world over have come to use as part of their daily life. The use of the platform extends beyond the initial intention of people and now businesses can use it to promote themselves as long as they are abiding the Facebook Community Standards. Behind each business is a human. Each business page is required to be attached to a human account. That alleviates the risk of bots flooding the Facebook scene with overwhelming amounts of content and keeping Facebook a safe space for users to enjoy the platform connecting with friends and family with the bonus of being able to see business info if they wish, so what does that mean for you as the Social Media Marketing guru that you are striving to be?

Well, if you are like me then efficiency is key! When managing multiple account pages it might seem like a really great idea to try and move quickly through posts whether that be liking, commenting, or sharing posts, but I’m here to tell you…DO NOT DO THIS! Listen up you little overeager beaver! SLOOOOOW. DOWN. Stop overzealously rushing through the content and handing out likes as if they’re going out of style. Relax. Moving too quickly through your accounts or liking, commenting, and sharing posts too fast is a sure fire way to tip off the Facebook Cyber Police and have them flag your account for SPAM like activity that will result in you getting your butt blocked and thrown into Facebook Jail. Trust me, I did this not once, but twice…I was initially shocked and embarrassed, both times, really. In my honest opinion I hadn’t done anything I thought was worthy of receiving a block on the account. I’m a good girl and not some creeper like Shady Steve over there who keeps trying to slide into my DMs or his long lost cousin Abdul Hakim the Royal Prince from India who desperately needs $1000 for me right now with the promise of getting double back asap. I felt wronged, but after taking the time to research I now understand why these protocols are in place and how to avoid Facebook Jail at all costs.

It is important to remember that each and every business accounts page is attached to a human. If your intention is to prioritize the accounts reach by making sure they are active with their audience then act like a human and not a speed-reading robot even if you possess that awesome skill. Simple solution is to slow down and thoroughly read each post before you like, comment, or share. Taking your time is not a waste and will help you steer clear of looking like a stalker creep spammer that the Facebook Cyber Police are on the lookout for. Plus you’ll be keeping your clients much happier taking your time doing quality work. It isn’t any fun having to go to your boss or clients with your head hanging in shame to tell them that you’ve gotten them locked out of their page with a nasty block which could hugely impact not just their business, but your own as well. Just avoid the ugliness and SLOW DOWN.

Now that we’ve covered what I did wrong so you don’t have to let’s talk about what things you can do instead to manage your time in between liking, commenting, sharing on Facebook. Facebook is just one of many amazing tools at your fingertips for building your clients online presence. Spacing out your time spent on Facebook can be done in many ways like going through Instagram accounts, responding and acknowledging comments, finding relevant articles, engaging on Twitter, utilizing Hootsuite…the list of possibilities is truly endless and the skills you will build by branching out will make you invaluable.

If I’ve learned anything through the process of getting my butt blocked…TWICE, it’s that truly taking your time is incredibly vital and way less embarrassing. Be authentic. I’d like to add a PSA: Just because you have a personal Facebook account, Instagram account, or any sort of social media platform that does not make you a qualified or trained social media marketing professional. The understanding of the business is one that takes time and patience to build, just like a real audience on your SMM accounts platform.




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