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How you SHOULD be measuring your social media efforts:

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"I don't get a ton of calls each week from my Facebook page" - this is what the average small business owner might be saying to themselves or their social media team. Before you throw in the towel, consider the other effective things social media is providing for your business:

1. Staying ahead, or at least in line with your competition:

No matter what, there is likely one competitor that is on social media - so would it bother you more to know that THEY have just taken a client that could have been yours if they were able to find you on social media? Yes, your competition can likely even poach your current clients base by engaging them, sharing content that may cause a reaction.

In the same token, by participating on social media YOU may steal one of their potential or current clients, but they surely are not going to call and say 'I go to XYZ and I saw you on Facebook so I will be coming to you now'.

2. Improved loyalty:

With the above noted and out of the way. By engaging and providing valuable content to your clients through channels that they are already on, you create a greater loyalty from your clients.

3. Engagement:

When your clients react or share one of your posts, some of their audience then may note the engagement. Setting your name in the back of the expanded audiences mind.

You can add news, company information, relevant content and value added pieces - even offer sales and promotions that can help drive engagement and online participation.

4. Leads:

Any social media manager can drive leads to your site, the job of your website is to convert those leads. So if your website is not able to convert potential customers, re-think your website. It's the same for driving a phone call, there is no use if your receptionist is unable to convert or close the opportunity.

5. Better SEO

We all want our website to rank better. Updating and sharing blogs, videos and engaging the audience helps develop a stronger brand presence online. How do you share your blogs and videos, well email is one way but the use of social media channels can really help add that extra boost.

6. Greater understanding of your customer:

When you customer engages you, for positive or negative, you can use that opportunity to learn more about your customers, your business or your operations. This may be to highlight what people love about your business or patch up a hole in your operations.

If there are negative comments about your company/brand, by participating online you have a greater chance of defending or resolving the issue.

7. Brand Recognition:

This is the unsung hero of social media. Brand recognition is vital when people are searching for a vendor/company/service provider. Consumers need multiple interactions or impressions of a brand before they will trust it, social media helps those impressions happen faster.

8. Referral networks:

How many times have you seen someone ask 'who has a great hairdresser - need recommendations!" or 'Getting my lawn done, any good landscapers?' The truth is, people are asking on social platforms for the opinions and recommendations of business providers and service providers.

If you are judging your social media efforts on how many times the phone rings, you are missing the more important picture behind social media!

Julie Boake,

Awedity Creative

Providing social media management, marketing and graphic design services to growing businesses.

Located in Okotoks

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