graphic design

Whatever your need, I am sure I can help you out. I look at design from a different perspective. I look at how it fits with your brand and how it will look where it's used. 


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Types of graphic design: 


  • business cards 

  • stationary + letterhead 

  • promotional posters

  • vehicle decals and wraps

  • bus benches + billboards

  • social media post templates

  • multi-media (online) ads 


50% of advertising is wasted but we never know which 50%. 

Integrating consumer understanding and their purchase behavior helps develop better advertising strategies.


Did you know people will trust a stranger's opinion before they will trust an ad? Perhaps we need to rethink the ad strategy!


website design

This is your first impression to make a lasting impression.


Consumers have changed. They want to get to know your business and offerings before they make their way in the door - if they do at all (e-commerce websites are on the rise). 


With this in mind, we help to develop a website that better reflects the consumer's journey and helps them make their decisions quicker. 


Need more tools? I use a platform that integrates your e-newsletters, booking, store, social media and basic CRM to help you maintain relationships with your consumers.


oh, and SEO, yeah we do that!  


social media

Social media is a powerful tool when used correctly. 

Not only are consumers using social media but they are using platforms for purchase transactions, and developing brand loyalty - yes, loyalty. 

Businesses can harness the power of social media by effectively staying top of mind, relevant, and being a part of online communications. 

Once used, social media advertising can be a pinpoint targeting tool to get the right message to your customers at the time when they need it. 


Google is critical for business, whether through managing your business account or reviews (yes, managing reviews), all of your google assets can be managed for you.  

The Wall of Ideas


Marketing used to be simply Product + Price + Placement + Promotion but now the consumer has more options, insights, and choices. I work with business owners to identify opportunities to gain visibility and make the most out of every dollar spent.

Do you have a plan? Do you need a plan? I encourage business owners to look at the full picture and developed their business with future goals in mind.