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Marketing used to be simply Product + Price + Placement + Promotion but now the consumer has more options, insights, and choices. 

Now is a great time to add planning into your marketing helping you with your overall strategy and what you really need the customer to know about you and your product/service that will make them not only buy, but loyal to you. 

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graphic design

Whatever your need, I am sure I can help you out. I look at design from a different perspective, I look at how it fits with your brand and how it will look where its used. 


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Types of graphic design: 


Business cards 



promotional posters

vehicle decals and wraps,

bus benches


social media + multi-media ads. 



social media

Social media is a powerful tool when used correctly. 

Not only are consumers using more often to learn about businesses, communicate with businesses but they are using for purchase transactions, and developing brand loyalty - yes, loyalty. 

Businesses can harness the power of social media by effectively staying top of mind, relevant, and being a part of online communications. 

Once used, social media advertising can be a pinpoint targeting tool to get the right message to your customers at the time when they need it. 


50% of advertising is wasted but we never know which 50%. 

Integrating more consumer understanding and your consumer's purchase behavior, we can develop better advertising strategies to prime your consumer making them more likely to take the action you want - converting. 

website design

It's no longer ok to have only a partially functioning website or no website at all. Consumers have changed, they want to get to know your business and offerings before they make their way in the door - if they do at all (e-commerce websites are on the rise). 


With this in mind, we help to develop a website that better reflects the consumer's journey and helps them make their decisions quicker. 


Need more tools? I use a platform that integrates your e-newsletters, booking, store, social media and basic CRM, to help you maintain relationships with your consumers.


oh, and SEO, yeah we do that!  


awedity creative.
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