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Long copy sells more than short copy. - David Ogilvy

Billboards are more visible than business cards. 

Experience matters. 

Without reputation, people do not generally accept what is new, what is flashy. As consumers, we are more likely to settle for what we know than tak...

So, its officially the end of 2018 and it's been a roller coaster of a ride. Many ups, ups so high I was afraid of the ride down, and lows that reminded me of what a great place we live. 

1. The years of the free ride on Facebook ended. Our organic reach hit an alarming...

Yay, you have finally gotten your new (or revamped) website up, so bring on the leads right? It's magical, your website just needs to be out there and millions of people are going to find you, hire you and your business will be booming. 


First off, provided your...

What are Google Ads anyway? Are Google ads right for your business?

We all know we should be blogging (because we have been told a million times) but ... what do we blog about? How do we start? What should we say?

Where do you start?

Do you ever find yourself having the same conversations over and over again with your clients, friends or...

Now, more than ever, small businesses can gain a competitive advantage by hiring a graphic designer...

We can help with branding

When you think of the way business has changed, the frequency (thanks to social media) of consumers noticing your brand, it can be crucial to...

How important is a brand?

I was asked recently "how important is a brand". My initial thought was > this call is going to take more than an hour. 

When considering the importance, I look at the brand of a company as their 'personality' and the logo is the 'face'. 

So I gu...

What is your website missing? How do you make your website rank better? How do you drive consumers to your website? Find out:

Start off with the expectations of both parties...

So your company is ready to get online and have a couple social media platforms... what can you expect to pay?

I am not talking about doing a logo for a non-paying client or allocating to time to where it is not appreciated, it's about find the right work, the right people to help out. 

Recently I offered free, no strings attached work to another company, it resulted in a lot of...

Who has ever had an unhappy customer? Until recently, I never really gave thought to an unhappy customer because I have always worked so hard to wow those I work with.

Along the way, things happen, life happens and while you do your best to keep everyone happy, there wi...

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