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People hate the fake 

People have learned how to tell the difference between a persona and an authentic personality. Maybe it’s the years of advertising shoved down our throats, or maybe its watching so many celebrities have skeletons fall out of the closet. Either way,...

But really,  is social media marketing important for your business?


Social media helps you understand your customer, it helps create awareness through targeting and driving traffic to your website... boosting your SEO!

What happens when you understand your customers...

Ahhhhh, the rise and fall of being social on social media. 

When we all got on Facebook for the first time, how ever long ago, we immediately hunted for old friends, did the standard checking out of how our old flame is doing and curiously checked on people we just met....

When should you spend money on marketing efforts? This is probably one question that business owners struggle with. When budgets are cut, often one of the first places to cut spending is in the marketing department. 

Budget decisions: 

First you likely cut some of t...

We all know we should be blogging (because we have been told a million times) but ... what do we blog about? How do we start? What should we say?

Where do you start?

Do you ever find yourself having the same conversations over and over again with your clients, friends or...

Yes... finally, after dealing with my fair share of copycats, I am finally writing about why you shouldn't do it and why I DON'T do it. 

You've seen it, if you follow enough people, it will happen to you, you'll spot a trend. Suddenly no one can keep it together 'Some d...

Social media isn't going anywhere so ... if you've been wondering how to get on board and how to use social media, the time is now. 

How to start: 

Develop a brand plan, a brand voice and start building your content calendar. 

What is your plan? Your plan is how often you...

You've started job seeking, you are well qualified for the jobs you are applying for but no one is calling you back.  Yes, there are a lot of candidates applying for the same job as you, they are equally qualified, equally eager... so what's going on? 

Have yo...

All great design comes from what is not originally on the computer. Logo design, graphic design, play

Whether old school bullying or online, it still happens - to adults and children.

Start off with the expectations of both parties...

So your company is ready to get online and have a couple social media platforms... what can you expect to pay?

WHY you should blog: 1. You know stuff. If you have ever found yourself repeatedly educating people on the same topic (why you should blog)? Perhaps it would be a great topic for you to write about.

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