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The buzzwords that float around social media can be enough to leave you confused, struggling and wondering if anything is real anymore...


How many times have we heard this in a day, as advice from everyone. Now we have people being fake authentic without real...

Long copy sells more than short copy. - David Ogilvy

Billboards are more visible than business cards. 

Experience matters. 

Without reputation, people do not generally accept what is new, what is flashy. As consumers, we are more likely to settle for what we know than tak...

But really,  is social media marketing important for your business?


Social media helps you understand your customer, it helps create awareness through targeting and driving traffic to your website... boosting your SEO!

What happens when you understand your customers...

What is the value of social media to your business? Big business, small business, new, and well established. No matter the size of your business or how long you’ve been around times are changing and social media has a larger presence now than ever. Millennial consumers...

Your handy reference for what not to do…cause I did it.

Unless you’ve been living in the Dark Ages, you’ve heard of social media and it’s ever growing platforms like the forefront giants Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. These platforms have opened up a whole new world...

Yay, you have finally gotten your new (or revamped) website up, so bring on the leads right? It's magical, your website just needs to be out there and millions of people are going to find you, hire you and your business will be booming. 


First off, provided your...

Oh, here we go... 

As a new business, you have a million questions, where to go for this, how do you promote, where are your customers ... and how do you trust anyone? 

In the last few months I have seen more and more businesses pop up, and like anyone else you hire, you...

First, let me start by saying that social media can't replace face to face and in person customer service. 


Social media provides a listening tool, if you know what you are listening for. It's almost an expectation of your customers now.

1. Page comments and likes:...

You've decided to take the leap, congrats! 

You only get one shot to make the right impression. So you know you want to start strong out of the gates, but where do you start your business off? Here are a few considerations you may want to tackle right off the bat. 


Mom always said 'don't talk to strangers'. Now mom is on facebook having a argument with some lady about the best way to get your kids to eat dinner... someone she has never met... 

Shannon got a new car, back in the day, we would wait months to see it, we would ha...

Many businesses now have a social media manager, a digital manager or an online brand manager... there are a few difference between each of the roles, but for now lets just highlight the social media manager - ie: the person that manages your social media accounts. 


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