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But really,  is social media marketing important for your business?


Social media helps you understand your customer, it helps create awareness through targeting and driving traffic to your website... boosting your SEO!

What happens when you understand your customers...

Many business owners hire out social media, many keep it in house... so what can you expect when you outsource it? And what SHOULD you expect?

If you are like many business owners, you likely think all SMM (social media managers) are the same right?


Some go to scho...

You've decided to take the leap, congrats! 

You only get one shot to make the right impression. So you know you want to start strong out of the gates, but where do you start your business off? Here are a few considerations you may want to tackle right off the bat. 


I have been asked numerous times "How much does a logo cost?"

Normally I reply with an analogy about how you don't know how much a restaurant costs until you know what you want, what you're going to order or if you are adding on appies and drinks. So why would a creativ...

Social media isn't going anywhere so ... if you've been wondering how to get on board and how to use social media, the time is now. 

How to start: 

Develop a brand plan, a brand voice and start building your content calendar. 

What is your plan? Your plan is how often you...

You've started job seeking, you are well qualified for the jobs you are applying for but no one is calling you back.  Yes, there are a lot of candidates applying for the same job as you, they are equally qualified, equally eager... so what's going on? 

Have yo...

When you work for yourself you have the innate desire to make everyone happy... Thats a good thing, a very good thing in fact. You find that people love working with you so you get asked to do more and more all the time... you say YES because you are happy to help and...

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