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With the buzz and excitement around social media and the vastness of it as a tool for promoting businesses, it seems not only have more and more companies adopted it, but more and more companies are claiming to be experts (this happens in every industry with every tren...

I've seen it, we have all wanted logos that look like the latest trend, of course we do, that's human nature.


When working with a designer, you will notice, many have a 'style' that us uniquely theirs, but if you see a designer following all of the trend...

 "But what if I get a bad review?" I hear this from so many clients. Of course my first thought is, you shouldn't be getting too many bad reviews if you are doing everything to try to keep your customers happy. Makes sense right? 

We all have that one friend, of 5 of th...

When should you spend money on marketing efforts? This is probably one question that business owners struggle with. When budgets are cut, often one of the first places to cut spending is in the marketing department. 

Budget decisions: 

First you likely cut some of t...

What are Google Ads anyway? Are Google ads right for your business?

I have been asked numerous times "How much does a logo cost?"

Normally I reply with an analogy about how you don't know how much a restaurant costs until you know what you want, what you're going to order or if you are adding on appies and drinks. So why would a creativ...

How important is a brand?

I was asked recently "how important is a brand". My initial thought was > this call is going to take more than an hour. 

When considering the importance, I look at the brand of a company as their 'personality' and the logo is the 'face'. 

So I gu...

If you always do something the same way, because thats the way its always been done... guess what, progress is not made. We would still be using wire recorders and the album would never have been made. 

Someone had to think of social media, the internet and the airplane...

All great design comes from what is not originally on the computer. Logo design, graphic design, play

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