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But really,  is social media marketing important for your business?


Social media helps you understand your customer, it helps create awareness through targeting and driving traffic to your website... boosting your SEO!

What happens when you understand your customers...

Your handy reference for what not to do…cause I did it.

Unless you’ve been living in the Dark Ages, you’ve heard of social media and it’s ever growing platforms like the forefront giants Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. These platforms have opened up a whole new world...

Oh, here we go... 

As a new business, you have a million questions, where to go for this, how do you promote, where are your customers ... and how do you trust anyone? 

In the last few months I have seen more and more businesses pop up, and like anyone else you hire, you...

Mom always said 'don't talk to strangers'. Now mom is on facebook having a argument with some lady about the best way to get your kids to eat dinner... someone she has never met... 

Shannon got a new car, back in the day, we would wait months to see it, we would ha...

Whether old school bullying or online, it still happens - to adults and children.

So how do you go about asking a client to give you a review? - Is easier than you think!

So your company is ready to get online and have a couple social media platforms... what can you expect to pay?

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